A very special Saint George’s day with a new website in Catalan!

23 April 2024  -  Corporate

Pietro Fiorentini Iberia is doubly congratulating itself. First of all, we are celebrating Saint George’s Day, a very special date in Catalonia, the location of Fiorentini’s headquarters for the Spanish and Portuguese territories.

In this traditional celebration, related to the legend of the knight St. George and the dragon, all cities and towns are flooded with roses and books, which are offered to the loved ones on this special day.

Today, Pietro Fiorentini Iberia has given a very symbolic gift to its beloved employees, a rose made of recycled paper with planting seeds and a built-in pen, thus promoting reuse and the ecological sensitivity we are always committed to.

Moreover, this year, the celebration of Saint George’s Day, which is also a symbol of the beginning of spring, is doubly special for us, as we have chosen this symbolic date to launch our website in Catalan, which can now be selected from the top language menu.

Discover the universe of possibilities that Pietro Fiorentini Iberia offers you, now also in Catalan: products, systems, renewable energies, services, news, contacts and much more.

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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website

19 September 2022 - Corporate

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