Pietro Fiorentini Iberia at the XXXVII AEAS Congress – Urban water management forum

10 June 2024  -  Solutions, Corporate

In its XXXVII edition, the AEAS Congress, the main national forum for professionals, water operators, companies and institutions in the framework of urban water, discussed about sustainability, digital transformation, cybersecurity and the water-energy nexus among many other cross-cutting issues.

The congress included very interesting presentations on issues related to leak detection, improved network management and remote control, focusing on legislative developments in the treatment of urban wastewater.

Pietro Fiorentini offers the new SSM-AQUO range of smart ultrasonic water meters designed for the residential sector. These are static meters, which have no moving parts subject to wear and tear, and guarantee high accuracy even when measuring very low flow rates. They also monitor information about possible leaks, other anomalies such as a broken pipe, absence of consumption or an inverted flow rate, etc.

SSM Aquo Data Sheet

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Water is a primary resource, a basic necessity for life, and as such requires proper management from all points of view: institutional, environmental and economic.

The sector’s current objective is to automate the process through the digitalisation of water networks, thereby optimising resources and data management to optimise management and minimise the loss of unaccounted-for water, whether through leaks or fraud.

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